Our In Build teams survey, design and install complex solutions, offering a complete service to our customers. We have InBuild Solutions for both cellular and Wi-Fi. These are commonly installed for expansive sites requiring coverage over a vast area, for example hospitals, stadia and multi story offices.


  • By road, rail, air and foot, we evaluate existing signal coverage levels in any environment.
  • Our portable equipment captures all signalling, and network performance.
  • Bespoke reporting options tailored around your requirements, or off the shelf recommendations from us
  • Industry compliant site sign off testing. (In-line with the Operator Baseline Requirements & JOTS).
  • System pass/fail analysis for dedicated solution testing.
  • Soak testing for new features.Live / non live (CW) testing, full end to end system integration testing.
  • Using the latest industry approved hardware, we can perform in depth fault investigation and diagnosis.
  • We utilise the latest software to analyse, record and diagnose any service issues.
  • We can deploy our own radio solution to flush out issues whilst sites are off air.
  • We have our own call generators and receivers to run repeat test’s to highlight issues over yield.
We offer a range of service options for network testing. All scripting and servicing can be tailored to your needs.
  • PSTN + MOC / MTC with POLKA / MOS Scoring.
  • VoLTE testing and anaysis.
  • Full call / data session analysis & statistics.
  • Throughput testing with 3 x carrier aggregation.
  • Latest cat 6 devices for maximum throughput.
  • Full RF parameter breakdown of RAN Issues
  • Post live system coverage verification
  • DAS footprint validation
  • Environmental penetration testing, model tuning & calibration.
  • We provide a technical consultancy service, ready to better understand your challenges
  • We tailored reports around criteria important to you
  • Feature testing, release testing
  • The ability to test Tetra & cellular simultaneously, to compare and contrast the two.
  • Standard macro sign off verification.
  • All log files are made available for customers via our cloud portal, so file size is no limitation.
  • A wide range of accompanying reports are available to choose from, or we’ll create one for your needs.
  • We use software to create tailored solutions to best fit our customer buildings, then predict the end service result, before an item is ordered.
  • We ensure cost effective solution, that is tailored to your building needs, and we guarantee our finished product.
  • Our skilled designers can capture all requirements necessary for a design in one visit.
  • Single / multi operator DAS solutions.
  • Neutral host designs for operator approval.
  • Client owned DAS solutions.
  • We have our own internal QS for constant quality assurance.
  • All designs are fully JOTS compliant.
We currently design for Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, Cisco + many more and offer a catalogue of possibilities.
  • PASSIVE IN-BUILD COVERAGE SOLUTIONS Traditional DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution.
  • ACTIVE IN-BUILD COVERAGE SOLUTIONS Often know as a hybrid, we design for all vendors such as Commscope, Cobham, K-Bow, Zine-wave, Cisco and Spider-cloud
  • SMALL CELL AND WI-FI OFF LOAD SOLUTIONS Such as the Nokia Flexi-zone deployments
  • CELL ENHANCER SOLUTIONS Multiband, multi-tech, multi-donor solutions catered for Our portfolio currently contains over 5000+ designs including venues such as airports, stadiums, hospitals, university’s, shopping malls, high rise corporate offices and residential premises, then everything in between.
We have our own in house dedicated installation teams, as such we do not sub contract any of our installation work.
  • INSTALLATIONS We install our own designs, and often that of others when the industry is thriving.
  • CONNECTED Our teams are all connected design>build >I&C. So in the unlikely event of any site issue, our teams are directly in touch and can resolve unforeseen issues real time.
  • SIGN OFF We fully test and sign off completed sites, and provide electronic copies of all test results and documentation through our cloud storage.
  • LOGISTICS We have our own logistics department, and can store and deliver your materials to site when required.
  • INSTALLATION MILESTONE TRACKING We offer comprehensive milestone installation tracking of all sites under construction. And strip out the information that is relevant to you.
  • COAXIAL CABLE INSTALLATION Our installation teams are certified in the specialist preparation, making and management of Coaxial cable. All installations come with full VSWR / DFT results available via softcopy on our online portal.
  • FIBRE We splice and install our own fibre using our certified engineers, we pull our own fibre LAN’s where appropriate. In all instances our fibre test reports detailing the launch transition, optical loss, patching schematics and DFT results are included in As-builts and on the server.
  • DATA CABLING We install validate and test a range of data services and cabling. (To Standards ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B)
We currently integrate the majority of vendor radio solutions. We carry the latest OSS software and all the tools to do the job.
  • Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Cisco
  • NEC
We deploy and commission all major active DAS vendors.
  • Cobham
  • Commscope
  • Kathrein
  • Huawei
  • Cisco
  • Zine-wave
  • Spider-cloud
We Install, setup, tailor the system to an optimum configuration, then record all system performance and settings for presentation in an As-Built portfolio, ready for site acceptance.
We currently deploy and commission all major backhaul services from Virgin, BT colt and others. We provide transmission by
  • Microwave link
  • GigE Provider Solutions
  • MEAS provision
  • Donor Cell
We Install, setup, configure and test the solutions. Full results are presented in an As-Built portfolio, ready for site acceptance.
We use the latest hardware and software to make our site engineering as smooth as possible.
  • R&S Spectrum & VN analysers
  • Anritsu power meters and transmission analysers
  • Latest Nemo scanners and tech to test when done
Complete turnkey solution of the iconic London building: Design, Build and I&C. The building itself has 37 floors and stands at 160m high, capable of accommodating 20,000 people. The solution was initially planned and dimensioned in IbWave before the building had finished construction. After approval our expert engineers deployed and tested the DAS solution.
  • A fully JOT’S complaint multi-operator in-building solution
  • Development of the UK’s 1st-intelligent lift coverage solution
  • Fully active solution, using a fibre core and commscope equipment
  • Catering for 5 frequency bands, and carrying 7 different tehcnologies
  • 254 internal antennas predominantly in ceilings


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