Our telecoms engineering team are experts in delivering all aspects of telco infrastructure. Our services cover site acquisition, design, rigging, install, commissioning, upgrades and post installation testing. Our commitment to flexibility, quality and customer service enables Virtua to customise our services to meet the specific requirements of each of our clients.

Mobile Telecomms

Our team liaise with potential site providers and local authorities to gain permission to deploy new or upgrade existing sites. Our team then design solutions in line with the customers requirements, before deploying teams to a site. We manage the entire process from the delivery of the Rec supply, to erecting towers and all requirements in between.
  • Acquisition team
  • Survey and design
  • Civil's electrical and steelworks teams
  • All testing and certifications completed
Our specialist engineers have the capability to complete all aspects of telco rigging including RF, fibre and microwave. This can range from new sites to upgrades on existing sites.
  • Teams located nation wide
  • All at height working certifications and training
  • Teams fully equipped with all test equipment
  • Teams trained and competent to terminate DC at height
We have extensive experience in deploying solutions across a multitude of environments; from hospitals, office buildings, stadia to airports. We work with all vendors and technologies and partner with all major UK based operators.
  • Pre-assembly and testing
  • Trained engineers including: Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei BTS and Repeaters/Enhancers
  • IP based distribution models
  • Femtocells, Picocells and Spidercloud deployment
  • 2G/3G/4G – system rollout
  • Centrally located warehouse ideal for meeting all customer requirements nationally
We help customers identify equipment that is no longer required and develop safe and cost effective plans for their disposal. This varies from an equipment only removal of antennas and feeders, leaving the remainder of the site. To a full decommission where we remove the antennas, feeders and dishes, down to removal of the structure itself.
  • Fully trained and equipped civil's crew
  • Environment can be reinstate back to its original condition, ie. grassland
  • Management of disposal process
  • Compliant with all government legislation reusable or marketable assets are recovered for storage or resale
  • Where one system is being replaced with another, we work with customers to ensure switch over occurs smoothly with minimal disruption.
 We assist our customers by helping to maintain their existing infrastructure, carrying out site inspections, feeding back issues and organising preventative and remedial works.
  • Fully trained and equipped inspection and maintenance crew
  • Carry out inspections on steelwork, air conditioning, electrical and RF
  • Specialist at height trained engineers
  • Management of defects and rectification
We were asked by Nokia on behalf of Ericsson, to undertake a radio access network (RAN) rollout, this was to allow them to increase the capacity 3G network.
  • Majority of work upgrading existing the H3G and EE 3G networks
  • 20-30 activities a week spread across 6 teams
  • Works range from: test calls, removing 3G equipment, base transceiver stations.
  • Most complex 3G solution currently installed in UK
  • Higher data capacity without installing new sites
  • Flexible teams to ensure our engineers were available depending on Nokia’s/Ericsson’s needs

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