The design and installation of critical communications systems to provide cellular, WiFi and emergency services within the new Terminal 2 and its associated infrastructure buildings.

The Venue

  • Opened in 2014.
  • 40,000 square metres.
  • 2m passengers per annum, rising to 30m by 2019.25 airlines, 51 destinations.
  • 400 retail outlets.


In 2011 work began on the construction of the new £2.5bn Terminal 2. Virtua deployed the systems which provide PMR, emergency services, cellular and WiFi coverage for the terminal and its network of supporting infrastructure buildings including power stations, baggage process areas and car parks.

Virtua began by creating a 3D model of the new terminal in our  iBwave software package, this enabled us to recreate the airport environment and see how coverage would propagate throughout the building. Using the model we could predict how the signal would pass through objects and materials such as walls and windows. This in turn allowed us  to accurately determine the locations for antennas and other equipment.

Following design approval from our customer, Virtua’s specialist engineering team deployed the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to the specification provided by our designers. Following this major installation, our test team surveyed the area to ensure the signal was behaving as predicted and that coverage within th building was fully optimised.

Features of the Virtua Solution

  • This was Europe’s largest In-building coverage solution to date.
  • A fully combined solution comprising TETRA PMR and ,cellular (2G, 3G and 4G) coverage.
  • 500 distribution antennas fed by over 25km of radiating, distribution and infrastructure cabling.
  • Over 500 wireless access points.
  • Specialist LTE trail solutions for airport operational requirements.
  • Embedded project management form Virtua’s Heathrow Airport office.
  • 30-strong team of Virtua engineers, fully trained, accredited and insured to work within the secure airside environment.
  • Virtua’s industry leading health, safety and compliance standards were required throughout the project.
  • Seamless coverage for airport workers and organisations plus public users.
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