Why keep all of our expert skills and industry knowledge to ourselves? We share our highly experienced people and industry perspectives to advise and support clients. Enabling them to successfully deliver highly complex projects incorporating planning, logistics, and technical expertise.


From simple equipment upgrades to international infrastructure changes, all projects require careful handling. Ensuring delivery on time, on budget and to satisfaction. Our professionally trained management team are on hand to help deliver your projects. As an individual resource embedded in your team or a complete Virtua Project Team embedded within your Programme, we strive to achieve a high level of excellence with all our project delivery.
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Technical consultancy / Systems Engineering
  • Test Management and Implementation
  • Strategic network consulting
  • Vendor, Spectrum and Interference analysis
  • Health and Safety advice
  • Network architecture
Need advice or guidance? Whether you need a hour of our time or 18 months our expert teams at Virtua are here to guide you through the technical jargon and ensure you have the perfect solution.

Some projects have business cases and proposals that require specialist expertise. Our business teams are trusted to partner effectively with our customers, shaping the proposals and making sure we win together.

Google initially engaged with Virtua to offer our technical expertise to a challenging solution. After completing several surveys and tests we produced a detailed report outlining multiple solutions that would solve their requirements. After this was accepted, Google next asked us to carry out the install and decommission of the equipment.
  • UK’s first white space trial for TVWS (TV White Space)
  • Using the released TV licensed bands for Wi-Fi
  • IP cameras fitted within 3 enclosures at ZSL
  • Live feed to ZSL’s YouTube channel
  • TVWS can efficiently transmit high quality video wirelessly without causing interference to other channels in the spectrum.
  • TVWS can deliver wireless connectivity in places where other technologies may not work without causing interference to TV broadcast.


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