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Supporting the #HelpGBWorkWell campaign from the HSE

Supporting the #HelpGBWorkWell campaign from the HSE

142 people were killed at work in the UK during 2015, the HSE have unveiled their latest campaign to help reduce that figure and keep people healthy and safe whilst at work. The campaign involves 6 key strategic themes:

We always take health and safety seriously at Virtua with our aim being to ensure every activity is completed safely and employees go home safe.

“One aspect of my role I appreciate more than any other is the companies stance of ensuring no expense is spared when it comes to creating a safe working environment for its employees and those affected by our activities.  I feel that not only does the company meet its legal responsibilities, it exceeds them; the company (and its employees) recognise the importance of ensuring everyone affected by our activities or who may be affected after we finish a job, is safe.  Health and safety is not only about working safe at the time its about eliminating residual risks, its about leaving a working area free from potential hazards; this also applies to the environment”.
Marc Smith
QHSE Manager

We will be supporting the campaign on our social media pages, and making sure we meet, and exceed all 6 key themes.