Virtua were asked by O2 (Telefonica) to help support their smart metering project. O2 will provide network connectivity to 23 million premises as part of a Department for Energy and Climate Change and Ofgem mandate to rollout smart metering across the UK.

This will support EU carbon reduction targets and enable greater flexibility for the end user by having accurate bills, easier switching between suppliers and tariffs.

Our Head of Technical Solutions, Jamie Olejnik embedded himself at Telefonica in order to manage and test a number of antennas at varying orientations in order to see what effect it has on cellular performance and also to categorise the best antennas based on this performance and quality. The results from this testing strategy will influence how the system will be implemented and integrated into the main network.

A number of residential properties were elected as part of the trial in order to gather real world results. These results were then processed and formulated for the next step in the project.

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