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The Project

Our broadcast engineers have undertaken various works at this mast throughout the year, including LTV (local TV) and Com 7&8 (additional HD Channels) antenna installs.

Our most recent project involved mast strengthening, replacing linkage plates and rigging screws on all 8 anti-twist stays at level 1.

There was no available data for the existing rigging screws fitted on the anti-twist stay arrangement at level 1, so all had to be replaced in keeping with European regulations.

The Solution

The mast itself has 2 stay levels, level 1 is an anti-twist stay arrangement and level 2 is a single stay arrangement. There are 4 stay lanes at Oxford at 90-degree intervals. All 8 stay wires at level 1 required strengthening works.

Works began by first fitting drain earths between stay wires and anchor blocks, ensuring no exposure to electrical currents or RF whilst our team were working. We then proceeded to deploy temporary tirfor’s and tirfor wires to enable the existing rigging screws to be replaced.

After works were complete at each anchor block, the mast then underwent a verticality check using a Theodolite. This ensured that the mast was straight and that no additional tightening or loosening of the stays needed to occur. Even if the mast is slightly off line its strength is at risk.

After 8 weeks of planning and the procurement of parts, our engineers were on site for a week to complete the strengthening works.

The Benefit

By replacing the old steelwork the mast is strengthened and vertically checked. It also means our customer will have certified data, ensuring they know how long the steelwork has been installed and more importantly when it needs replacing.

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