Nokia MBNL Rollout

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The Project

We were asked by Nokia to undertake a radio access network (RAN) rollout, this was to allow them to increase the capacity of the 3G network.

The Solution

Since the merger of Orange and T-Mobile there has been an extension to include legacy cell sites and ex Orange sites. Nokia engaged with us to take on 100% of the RAN rollout, the majority of the work being capacity upgrades to the existing H3G (Three) and EE 3G networks.

We had 6 teams of expert engineers working on the MBNL project, completing between 20-30 activities a week. Works ranged from test calling a licensing upgrade that has been completed remotely, to removing the current 3G equipment and replacing it with a new solution. The new solution could include 3 separate base transceiver stations (BTS) with linked transmission that are combined to share a common antenna system. The result is an increase of the 3G data capacity without the requirement for additional cell sites.

The Benefit

The new solutions we are deploying are the most complex 3G 2100 frequency solutions currently installed in the UK. The result is that EE and Three have the ability to provide higher data capacity without the need to install new sites.

At all times Virtua are looking to be flexible and accommodating to Nokia’s requirements, the key to this is having an open dialogue with Nokia so we can respond effectively and efficiently. Using our ‘Right First Time’ ethos we look to ensure that sites are delivered on time and to the highest quality by correct planning and resourcing with the best qualified engineers.

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