Bringing 5G To Life

virtua installing 5G

What is 5G?

5G is a brand new technology that will bring a whole new connection experience for the end user through, faster speeds, higher capacity and a more reliable connection. This in turn will also make way for technologies to be rolled out such as driverless cars, smart cities and virtual reality. See more about what 5G will mean for users here.


Working in partnership with the major OEM’s we are delivering 5G across the UK for two major network operators. Beginning in major cities, this work will roll out to the rest of the UK.


Virtua UK have been installing 4G (LTE) on behalf of a MNO since the start of this year, and have now taken on 5G installation including new sites to help launch their 5G Network.


Not content with active 5G rollout, Virtua UK are providing enabling works for other networks. This involves the preparation of each site making sure it has the capability and capacity for 5G. Our work on their sites includes;

  • Civils
  • Rigging
  • Install, commissioning Testing
  • Power Upgrades
  • Transmission migration


Whats Next?

Despite the tight deadline the 5G network was launched on time in major UK cities. Virtua UK’s 5G works still have a long way to go, with several more years of upgrade works in the pipeline. See more about our cellular capabilities here.