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3 New Apprentices for our InBuild & Mobile Departments

3 New Apprentices for our InBuild & Mobile Departments

This week 3 new apprentices from ITP (The Insitute of Telecommunication Professionals) have joined our team. Jordan and Andrew will start their learning path on our InBuild Solutions department. Whilst our final apprentice Charlie, will begin in Mobile Telecoms. Over time we expect this to change and ultimately for each apprentice to have spent time in each of our departments to become truly multi skilled.

What will they be learning?

All 3 will be working towards their Level 3 certificate in ICT Systems and Principles which takes 18 months to gain. However we see this as the minimum qualification they will gain, further opportunities for training and qualifications will arise during their time with us.

Whats next?

Their first week will be spent in our HQ completing various inductions, the 2nd week at college and then out into the field learning with our Team Leaders and Lead Engineers. The long term plan is for them to develop their skills and become Lead Engineers in any of the fields Virtua operate within.