Temporary DAB and FM Mast Install

Temporary DAB and FM Mast Install

No Interruptions

Thanks to the team who have been busy at Guildford and Keighley installing temporary masts. The scope was to design, supply, install and commission a temporary 40m mast at each location and then undertake works on the main masts. The reason for the temporary mast was because the RF levels of the permanent DAB and FM antennas where too high to allow the work teams to get access to the UHF TV transmit antennas on top of each structure

The Solution 

Our team initially began with a site survey to fully understand the project requirements. After which our design experts formed the solution for the temporary masts this included acquiring some spare land, laying out temporary trackway, temp stay blocks and mast bases.

The Install

After design approval work began on the temporary structures, installing both DAB and FM antennas at each location. Once the commissioning was complete and the temporary masts working efficiently work could begin on the existing towers. Once the existing towers were rigged up the DAB and FM antennas were isolated and removed. This in turn allowed for the top main UHF TV antennas to be replaced. In the case of Keighley a helicopter was

deployed to replace the TV antenna as there was a blanket ban on large cranes in the area. With works finished on the existing towers we then began the switch over and decommission of the temporary masts.


By using our temporary solutions at both Guilford and Keighley our customer ensured that no transmission interruptions occurred to the public. Works were completed in around 4 – 6 weeks on each site and were on budget and within agreed deadlines.

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