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MATS Conference – 24th April 2019

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MATS Conference – 24th April 2019

Who are MATS?

The Mast and Tower Safety Group is an industry forum for owners and operators of masts and towers in the UK used for broadcast and telecommunications. The group’s main purpose is to provide Working at height/RF guidance to the industry.

Last year the conference was held in Leeds with 14 exhibitors and over 140 people in attendance, this year the event was even bigger with over 250 people present, 26 exhibitors and 12 speakers.

The Conference

The varied agenda included several highlights including:

  • Detailed fit to climb medicals
  • Dropped objects awareness
  • 3D site modelling
  • Virtual Reality in vertical competency
  • Drama based workshop on stress in the workplace

Why Sponsor?

“We are proud to have sponsored MATS and hope to keep this partnership for next year. Heath and Safety is paramount in our industry thus its vital to help support organisations like MATS who are continually improving H&S culture within the industry” – Andy Richards, MD, Virtua

Gloves at 500ft?

Alex Jeffery our COO gave a short presentation to open the event about Virtua, his time in the industry including the steep learning curve to working at height and discussions on whether to wear gloves at 500ft. You can watch his full speech from the event here.


With the success from this year and the growth from last, we are excited to see what 2020 will bring for MATS. See more about them and keep up to date here.

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