Redruth Mast S1 Antenna Heli-Lift

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Redruth Mast S1 Antenna Heli-Lift

The Arqiva P700 Project involves freeing up bandwidth currently being used by broadcast to make way for 5G. As part of this project one of our broadcast teams has been occupied at Redruth replacing the S1 antenna.


Located in Cornwall and built in the 60’s the mast is 173m high and transmits both television and radio. The first phase of the project involved the removal and replacement of the original 1998 S1 antenna, with the reengineering of the S2 (backup) antenna to follow.

Design and Survey

Our broadcast specialists initially began with surveys and structural calculations of the Redruth mast. Once complete the design was created, enabling the steelwork fabrication and for the correct antennas to be shipped in from Germany. Once delivered to site the steelwork was assembled and installed by our expert rigging teams to make way for the new antenna.


Due to site restrictions, the old S1 antenna and the new antenna had to be lifted by helicopter. The old S1 antenna was too heavy to be lifted as a single piece and needed to be made 600Kg lighter by having panels and cabling removed. Wind and rain presented a challenge on the day of the heli-lift however, once the air crew were satisfied with the weather conditions the old S1 antenna weighing 3,600Kg was successfully lifted off the spine. The new antenna and supporting steelwork were successfully install on the top of the mast.


Once this testing is complete, the team will move on to the re-engineering works for the S2 antenna.

Our Team

Redruth mast will take 4 months to complete and will involve 5 rigging specialists and 1 broadcast engineer located full time on site.


Redruth is one of many sites in the P700 programme for Arqiva. Similar reengineering of masts and towers throughout the UK is ongoing to help free up bandwidth to make way for future technologies.

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